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Who We Are

FADI-AMT is focused on advanced mechanical testing of materials and components, using state-of-the-art material testing systems and sensors (particularly the use of digital image correlation [DIC] and other optical metrology techniques for non-contact motion & deformation tracking). We strive to enhancing the quality and amount of information that can be extracted from conventional tests, as well as stretching the limits of material testing by developing solutions to what is conventionally labeled as difficult or impossible!

While we perform some standardized qualification tests, our greatest focus is on modified and customized (sometimes completely out-of-the-box) testing approaches and solutions … Our main goal is to support R&D activities with high quality data that provide a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative account of material deformation and failure!

What We Offer

What We Offer FADI-AMT

We support R&D activities on different levels by providing :

Standardized testing data for material qualification and quality control
Unique experimental data for fitting material constitutive models
Special experimental data packages for calibrating FE material cards
Unique component testing data for validation of material and FE models
Development of custom testing solutions, consultation and training


Competence FADI-AMT

The team at FADI-AMT has a significant technical background in “material deformation & failure” … so we do not simply operate off-the-shelf testing machines to extract data; rather we set the goal of understanding material behavior, and then orchestrate the right systems, tools, sensors, expertise and approaches to reach the goal!

All testing at FADI-AMT is performed by personnel with high academic degrees in mechanical/materials engineering, coupled with significant practical experience in material testing … each member of the core team demonstrates good technical background in material deformation, understanding of constitutive modeling, experience in finite element analysis, and passion for R&D!

Above all, our core team is very experienced in Digital Image Correlation (DIC), and its integration into unique material testing systems and setups!


History FADI-AMT Artboard

After over 14 years of education, teaching, research and development activities at different institutions (University of Kentucky, Penn State University, Clemson University-International Center for Automotive Research), coupled with rich interaction with the automotive and aerospace sectors, FADI established the heart of this start-up in his home garage in March 2016.

It all started with a vision and a passion for taking material and component testing to the next level by fully utilizing the capabilities of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Optical Metrology