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Complete Mechanical Testing Systems FADI-AMT

Complete Mechanical
Testing Systems

Complete Mechanical Testing Systems-FADI-AMT

Electromechanical Testing Systems

(For most of quasi-static material characterization)

A wide range of electro-mechanical testing systems with different capacities and features to handle material samples of different sizes and strength levels.

ZwickRoell ZwickiLine 2.5*: 2.5kN @ ~16 mm/s
ZwickRoell Z020: 20kN @ ~10 mm/s
ZwickRoell Z050: 50kN @ ~10 mm/s
ZwickRoell Z250 Extra Height: 250kN @ ~10 mm/s
All systems are :
Coupled with in-situ 2D or 3D DIC systems
Equipped with modern electronics for synchronization and coupling with external sensors
Able to accept a wide range of load cells for further load measurement refinements (down to 50N)
Are configured with highly flexibility to accept a wide array of adapters & custom fixtures for enabling different types of tests and configurations
Electromechanical TestingSystems Z020 FADI-AMT

ZwickRoell Z020

Electromechanical TestingSystems Z050 FADI-AMT

ZwickRoell Z050

Electromechanical Testing Systems Z250 FADI-AMT

ZwickRoell Z250

High Speed Servohydraulic Testing System
(For material characterization at intermediate and high strain rates)

A unique testing system that enables testing at different speeds and strain rates covering the upper range of strain rates of interest for the automotive sector.

ZwickRoell HTM8020: 80kN @ ~20,000 mm/s
The system is :
The first of its type in any commercial testing lab in NA!
Modern and equipped with the latest generations of electronics
Capable of speeds up to 20 m/s in either direction (tension or compression)
Capable of achieving controlled high strain rates (in excess of ~1000 s-1)
Coupled with high speed DIC systems (2D and 3D)
Customized to perform tension, shear, plane-strain and biaxial testing & more!
High Speed Servohydraulic Testing Systems FADI-AMT High Speed Servohydraulic Testing Systems FADI-AMT Photron High Speed Camera System FADI-AMT
Sheet Formability Testing System
(For sheet metal automotive testing)
Sheet Formability Testing System SP400 V4 FADI-AMT

A unique testing system that enables testing in different configurations to cover all automotive sheet metal testing needs and more.

ITC SP400: Dual Acting Press System with 1800 kN Clamp & 1000kN Punch
The system is :
The first of its type in any commercial testing lab in NA!
Recently redesigned for optimum performance!
Designed specifically to handle 03rd Gen. AHSSs
Coupled with quasi static and high speed DIC systems
Capable of covering all mechanical formability tests (FLC Nakajima & Marciniak, HER, Hydraulic Bulge, Deep Drawing, Other)
Capable of accepting a wide array of custom tools and dies for specialized and highly optimized tests
Designed to accept a range of small stamping die sets for stamping tryouts!