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Fabrication Equipment FADI-AMT

Fabrication Equipment

Fabrication Equipment-FADI-AMT

Majority of test samples tested at FADI-AMT are produced in-house!

Primary Fabrication Equipment

HAAS VM2 CNC Vertical Milling Machine
Bridgeport Romi EZ Path CNC Lathe
Wire EDM
ProtoMAX Waterjet Cutting Machine
Horizontal and Vertical Band Saws
Hydraulic Shear
Other fabrication support equipment

HAAS VM2 CNC Vertical Milling Machine, FADI-AMT Wire EDM, FADI-AMT JET Horizontal Band Saws, FADI-AMT JET Horizontal Band Saw_Cutting a Component for testing, FADI-AMT JET Vertical Band Saws, FADI-AMT WEN Bench Grinder Machines, FADI-AMT

Heat Treatment and Conditioning

Facilities5_Fab_HeatTreatment Furnace

Thermcraft Box Furnace (up to 1200°C) for heat treatment
Thermcraft Custom Environmental Chamber (-185 to 450°C) for isothermal testing at different temperatures
In-house Custom Environmental Chamber (-185 to 250°C) for component conditioning and testing at different temperatures
Blue M LBO136 Oven (up to 260°C) for aging & paint baking