Electromechanical Testing Systems

(For most of quasi-static material characterization)

A wide range of electro-mechanical testing systems with different capacities and features to handle material samples of different sizes and strength levels.

  • Z020: 20kN @ ~10 mm/s
  • Z050: 50kN @ ~10 mm/s
  • Z250 Extra Height: 250kN @ ~10 mm/s

All systems are :

  • Coupled with a particular configuration of "mi-Sensor" enabling in-situ 2D or 3D DIC
  • Equipped with modern electronics for synchronization and coupling with external sensors
  • Able to accept a wide range of load cells for further load measurement refinements (down to 50N)
  • Configured with high flexibility to accept a wide array of adapters & custom fixtures for enabling different types of tests and configurations

Electromechanical Testing Systems in Use