High Speed Servohydraulic Testing System

(For material characterization at intermediate and high strain rates)

A unique testing system that enables testing at different speeds and strain rates covering the upper range of strain rates of interest for the automotive sector.

  • HTM8020: 80kN @ ~20,000 mm/s

The system is :

  • The first of its type in any commercial testing lab in NA!
  • Modern and equipped with the latest generations of electronics
  • Capable of speeds up to 20 m/s in either direction (tension or compression)
  • Capable of achieving controlled high strain rates (in excess of ~1000 s-1)
  • Coupled with "mi-Sensor" in a high speed configuration
  • Customized to perform tension, shear, plane-strain and biaxial testing & more!

High Speed Servohydraulic Testing System in Use