Sheet Formability Testing System

(For sheet metal automotive testing)

A unique testing system that enables testing in different configurations to cover all automotive sheet metal testing needs and more.

  • SP400: Dual Acting Press System with 1800 kN Clamp & 1000kN Punch

The system is :

  • The first of its type in any commercial testing lab in NA!
  • Recently redesigned for optimum performance!
  • Designed specifically to handle 03rd Gen. AHSSs
  • Coupled with "mi-Sensor" in both quasi static and high speed configurations
  • Capable of covering all mechanical formability tests (FLC Nakajima & Marciniak, HER, Hydraulic Bulge, Deep Drawing, Other)
  • Capable of accepting a wide array of custom tools and dies for specialized and highly optimized tests
  • Designed to accept a range of small stamping die sets for stamping tryouts!

Sheet Formability Testing System in Use