Uniaxial Tension (UAT) Testing

As the most fundamental of all material tests, we naturally perform a wide range of uniaxial tension tests that cover many applications and needs

  • Standard tests (per ISO 6892 or equivalent), other automotive-specific standard tests, and many more custom tests
  • Various test sample sizes ranging from miniature to oversized
  • Various thicknesses ranging from thin foils to sheets to plates
  • A wide spectrum of materials (metals, polymers, composites, fabrics, etc.)
  • The full range of testing speeds and strain rates (ranging from quasi-static to intermediate to high rates)
  • Different temperatures (from sub-zero to elevated temperatures)

Read about the Fundamentals of Uniaxial Tension Testing

Samples of Our Work

Uniaxial Tension Tests by Sample Size:

  • Super-sized samples (for full evaluation of material homogeneity across steel and aluminium coils)
  • Over-sized samples (for fracture testing and supporting FEA with large mesh sizes)
  • Standard sized samples (for material qualification and extraction of mechanical properties)
  • Sub-sized samples (for evaluation of lab-development heats and materials extracted from components)
  • Miniature-sized samples (for evaluation of materials precisely extracted from components)

Uniaxial Tension Tests by Material:

  • Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSSs)
  • Steels
  • Aluminium Alloys
  • Copper Alloys
  • Magnesium Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • Polymers
  • Other

Uniaxial Tension Tests by Thickness:

  • Plates (over 6mm thick)
  • Thick Sheets (3-6mm thick)
  • Sheets (1-3mm thick)
  • Thin Sheets (0.25-1mm thick)
  • Foils (50-250microns thick)
  • Thin Foils (10-50microns thick)
  • Extremely Thin Foils (below 10microns thick)

Uniaxial Tension Tests by Speed (Strain Rate):

  • ~0.001 s-1
  • ~0.01 s-1
  • ~0.1 s-1
  • ~1 s-1
  • ~10 s-1
  • ~100 s-1
  • ~1000 s-1

Uniaxial Tension Tests by Type:

  • Sheets
  • Plates
  • Rods
  • Cables
  • Weld Joints
  • Fastened Joints
  • Weld Seams
  • Adhesive Bonded Joints