Component Testing

Testing of components, sub-systems and complete systems under different loading cases and testing environments, in support of research and development efforts (with DIC & Optical Metrology).

  • Test Types/Modes: Tension, Axial Crush, Bending, Fracture.
  • Component Types: Sheet Punch Tests (Custom Punches), Custom Die Stampings, Tubular Sub-Systems, Hat Sections, Aerospace Composite Beams, Other Custom Component Tests (per request).
  • Test Conditions: Ambient, Subzero* & High Temperatures*.
  • Test Speed/Rates: QuasiStatic, Intermediate & High (crash).

Component Testing Projects

1. Pull Testing of Automotive Cast Structure

2. Component Testing of a Steel Subsystem / Truss System

3. Testing of Battery Pack Plates

4. Axial Crush Testing of Automotive Tubes

5. Axial Compression Testing of Automotive Tubes (Truss Members)

6. Bending Tests of Automotive Components

7. Onsite High Speed Press Motion Tracking