On-Site Testing Services (Including Equipment Rental)

If you have an in-house or on-site material/component testing installation that requires our expertise in one or more of these areas, then we are happy to support.

  • Integrate one or more of our "mi-Sensor" systems in conventional or high speed configurations to your setup to perform deformation/strain measurements.
  • Lease one or more of our "mi-Sensor" systems in conventional or high speed DIC configurations (for existing mi-Sensor & mi-Tracker customers, for qualified customers following an on-site project).
  • Technical oversight and support of "material testing with DIC" including training & recommendations for optimized practices [for mi-Sensor & mi-Tracker customers].
  • Evaluation of existing material testing setups/installations and recommendations for hardware/software improvements and expansions.

CTC Setup Adapted to a Customer's Universal Load Frame

Some of Our On-Site Projects

Motion Analysis of a Progressive Servo Press at a Tier 1 Supplier:

Photogrammetry Measurements of a Propeller shaft [Onsite measurements at a Ship Yard]

mi-Sensor High Speed 3D Fitted to a Customer's High Speed Machine