The Software Suite to Generate Your Own DATA!

Derived from our extensive experience with material testing!

Modular software design for the different material testing types!

Fast image processing while testing... Simultaneously!!!

Truly comprehensive… From images, to DATA, to reports, to videos, to FEA parameters!

Unique user experience... With a modern look that's easy & fun to use!

Incorporates many unique “Artificial Intelligence” features!!!

It simply does not feel like any other material testing software, or even DIC software! It is very unique from almost every aspect and goes far beyond in every category ... It is so comprehensive that we call it "the Software for All Your Material DATA Needs!"

You simply need to see it in action one time and we are so confident that you will feel the difference!

A powerful & comprehensive software designed to work with our universal optical sensor to address all material testing needs!


The first (& probably only) material testing software that is boosted by artificial intelligence!


It is far beyond a typical DIC software … it is a “universal” software that combines acquisition, auto pre-processing, DIC, live video extensometry, crack detection, feature tracking, DATA compilation, & more!


Unlike a typical DIC software, it is designed with a unique architecture (projects & tests) based on real-life extensive experience in material testing


Structured uniquely to allow for fast image processing and testing simultaneously!


The first (& probably only) material testing software to provide direct feed into FEA material cards as a standard output!


Modern look, easy to use, fun to work with … all while staying logical & intuitive to material testing specialists!

"mi-Tracker" is the first (and probably only) software that employs Artificial Intelligence in the evaluation of material deformation & failure!

YES ... with "mi-Tracker", HER testing can be run in a fully automatic manner where an A.I. model monitors the test, detects cracking and then triggers the testing machine to stop! The enormous value of this goes far beyond simplifying the test or speeding up the process; it completely eliminates the reliance of this notorious test on humans, and brings the reliability of HER testing to a whole new level!

mi-Tracker in Use:

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