YES … 2D DIC is Still Powerful & Effective for Many Material Testing Applications!
FADI-AMT Webinar

26th of August 2021
1st Broadcasting [for Asia & Europe] @ 10:00am (Berlin), 4:00pm (Shanghai)
2nd Broadcasting [for North America] @ 10:00am (San Francisco), 01:00pm (Detroit)

  • Webinar Description:

    In a recent webinar hosted by ASM International, we presented several cases in which 2D DIC could be used effectively for in-plane mechanical testing, and we showed preliminary data to support this concept. The webinar received significant interest and led to many questions and requests for additional information! In this webinar, we present an expanded more comprehensive study in which detailed direct comparisons between 2D and 3D DIC measurements are carried out for selected material testing scenarios. We share results that demonstrate how 2D DIC can match (with negligible deviations) the output of 3D DIC, if done correctly. The goal is to promote the use of DIC and enable those with limited access to 3D DIC to still take advantage of 2D DIC and capitalize on the benefits it brings in enriching investigations of material deformation & failure.
    Note: all project files (images, physical quantities, and even compiled DIC files) will be made available for everyone to process and further evaluate as needed. Some datafiles will be packages specifically for academia for use as training projects in classrooms.

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DIC in Support of Fracture Tests Optimization and Fracture Material Card Calibration
FADI-AMT Webinar

TBD, September 2021

  • Webinar Description:

    Calibration of fracture models requires a suite of mechanical tests that cover a wide spectrum of loading conditions (the most critical of which are balanced biaxial tension (BBT), plane-strain tension (PST), uniaxial tension (US), and pure shear (SH)). While these tests are well-known, achieving the intended stress-triaxiality that corresponds to each one of these loading cases could be difficult.
    In this presentation, we shed some light on this important topic and present the integration of digital image correlation (DIC) with mechanical testing to support the development and refinement of “fracture testing”. This is NOT simply the use of DIC for reading fracture strains, but rather determining and tracking the evolution of stress-triaxiality in the material and using that as the basis for redesigning and optimizing the designs of the test samples. Moreover, we provide additional insights on how DIC can be used to further support and enhance the process of calibrating fracture material cards (GISSMO).

Digital Image Correlation with ARAMIS …
Transforming Material Testing in Academia and Research

FADI-AMT Webinar

TBD, October 2021

  • Webinar Description:

    In this webinar, we introduce digital image correlation (DIC) and its integration into state-of-the-art material testing practices, emphasizing the significant role of DIC in completely transforming the way we investigate deformation and failure in materials and components.
    The webinar will feature real-life examples of testing projects using DIC, with focus on examples that enrich education in academia, as well as examples that amplify the technical output in research and development activities.
    The selected examples cover several important engineering materials and a wide range of unique experiments and conditions that show the versatility and power of DIC.

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