How Effective is 2D DIC in Material Testing?
FADI-AMT Webinar, Organized by ASM, ZwickRoell

27th April 2021 @ 11:00 am EST

  • Webinar Description:

    Digital image correlation (DIC) has become an important tool in material testing practices for the advanced characterization of materials in a wide range of applications. Despite that, the cost of a commercial 3D DIC system might still be a hurdle for many educational institutions, and even for some industrial establishments! 2D DIC is simple, inexpensive and easily attainable, yet it lacks the accuracy and depth of field capabilities of 3D DIC.
    Despite this limitation, there are many testing scenarios where material deformation is planar and thus 2D DIC can capture material deformation with sufficient accuracy.
    This webinar aims to address this important issue by presenting direct technical comparisons between 2D and 3D DIC measurements for selected material testing scenarios. The ultimate goal is to enable those with limited access to 3D DIC to still take advantage of 2D DIC and capitalize on the benefits it brings in enriching investigations of material deformation & failure.

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Digital Image Correlation with ARAMIS …
Transforming Material/Component Testing in Academia and Research

FADI-AMT Webinar

TBD, June 2021

  • Webinar Description:

    In this webinar, we introduce digital image correlation (DIC) and its integration into state-of-the-art material testing practices, emphasizing the significant role of DIC in completely transforming the way we investigate deformation and failure in materials and components.
    The webinar will feature real-life examples of testing projects using DIC, with focus on examples that enrich education in academia, as well as examples that amplify the technical output in research and development activities.
    The selected examples cover several important engineering materials and a wide range of unique experiments and conditions that show the versatility and power of DIC.

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