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FADI-AMT Webinar

YES … Even Forming Limit Curves Can Be Obtained with 2D DIC!

Presented By: Dr. Fadi Abu-Farha; Tech. Manager of FADI-AMT
Guest Speaker: Dr. Akshat Agha (Material Testing and Development Engineer at FADI-AMT)

Through a series of previous webinars & webcasts over the past two years, we have been demonstrating the power of 2D Digital Image Correlation (2D DIC) in transforming the way we perform material testing by improving and enriching what was conventionally possible with strain gages and extensometers, and opening the doors for measurements that were not possible before. The main objective has been to promote researchers and testing specialists to take advantage of the power of DIC in spite of the high cost and relative complexity associated with 3D DIC.

In this webinar, we go further by expanding the limits of 2D DIC into complex tests that involve out-of-plane deformation! Our focus in this webinar will be on forming limit curves (FLC) testing, a very important test for the automotive sheet metal forming sector, and one known to require stereo (3D) DIC systems and complex post-DIC algorithms for extracting FLC data points. We will show direct comparisons between 2D and 3D DIC measurements in order to demonstrate how, if done correctly, 2D DIC can match (with negligible deviations) the output of 3D DIC!

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