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NADDRG 2022 Spring Symposium

NADDRG 2022 Spring Symposium, FADI-AMT Events

May 19th, 2022
The Inn at St. John's in Plymouth, MI

FADI-AMT participated in the NADDRG 2022 Spring Symposium with a presentation titled: “From Standard to High-Speed DIC: Investigating Rate Effects on Formability and Fracture"

NADDRG 2022 Spring Symposium focused on Digital Image Correlation as applied to sheet metal forming and fracture, and covered an important range of DIC-related topics:

  • Best practices and standardization
  • Forming (necking) limit characterization
  • Fracture limits

This event was of interest to technical specialists (stamping, modeling), manufacturing and materials engineers, as well as those with less exposure looking to gain knowledge regarding this innovative technology.

ASTM International 2021 Symposium

Advanced Anti-Buckling Device Coupled with Real-Time DIC for Complex Cyclic TC Testing of Lightweight Materials_FADI-AMT