The Reveal Event of "material insights"!

The one and only cohesive platform for all your Material DATA needs ...

"NEW Vision ... NEW Platform ... NEW Products ... FADI-AMT is not only expanding its "Material Testing Services", but rather evolving to bring you a "new Platform" of cohesive products & tools, all serving ONE goal: "Providing you access to high quality Material DATA for research & development purposes"

Get to know our new platform:
- A totally NEW & Elevated standard for Material Testing!
- NEW Hardware & Software tools to help you maximize the output of your testing machines!
- NEW transformative ways for accessing R&D-level material DATA!
- Seamless technical support for all CAE activities!




Material DATA

"How to.." Guide

The release of this platform took place on the 30th of August 2023, and below are the recordings:

The Full "material insights" Release Event

What is "material insights"?

Q&A Session