Hole Expansion Ratio (HER) Testing

This is another critical test that is specific to the automotive sector (OEMs, Tier-1 stampers and Steel producers) as it relates to the major issue of edge fracture. While the test is relatively easy, it is one of the most controversial. We cover most facets of HER testing, and even go beyond into the field of development of hardware and software to aid in streamlining the test.

  • Standard tests per ISO 16630 for material screening
  • Custom tests with various clearances and punch-to-test hold times in support material development efforts
  • Various grades of Steels and AHSSs
  • Sheet thicknesses from 1 to 5mm
  • Independent punching/HER testing for control of hold-time

Read about the Fundamentals of HER Testing

Samples of Our Work

HER Test Setup in mi-Lab